Check Out The Changes


My daughter and I have been working very hard to make some site updates over the past few weeks and I can now reveal the three big changes.


First….. Following the survey conducted in the New Year, the BFS site is now populated with stock phots and I must admit that it looks better. Thank you to everyone who contributed.


Second…… The Bargain Basement books now have a more specific description, as follows;

Condition – Unread/shop damaged.
External shop damage or age wear.
Unbroken spine
Clean, undamaged reading surfaces
No missing or loose pages
Generally tidy appearance.


Third….. We sell a wide range of material including erotic fiction and relationship non-fiction but it is important that we do not cause offence and that we are considerate of people who may browse the site in the company of their children.  To this end, any book that has an explicit cover picture will now appear in the search results with a plane red, text only image.  Full book details will still be available within the listing but the adult nature of the book will be clear.


I wish to finish by saying a big  THANK YOU to my daughter for all her hard work on the site and to my son for his invaluable support and patient lessons in how to use Adobe and other software to make my life easier.  I couldn’t do this without them.

So now I am ready for the new stock that is arriving tomorrow.

To view the changes and see what is currently available in stock, just click …..HERE…… to visit the shop.


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