We’re Becoming More Interactive…..

Here at BFS, we strive to keep the site as user friendly and informative as possible and to this end we have introduced three new features.

Product Reviews

For some time now it has been possible to review our service on our Facebook page. This allows buyers to comment on the standard of service that Books From Sharon (BFS) provided and acts as a way to inform other potential buyers in the same way that feedback does on any buying / selling site.

In addition to the seller reviews we have now introduced product reviews. If you have enjoyed a book then why not tell others? It’s easy to do by clicking on the ‘write a review’ link at the bottom of each product page.

You will be asked to enter a user name which will be published and your email address which will NOT be shown. Below is an example of a completed review;


Price Comparison at a Glance

The second new addition to the site is a price comparison. Where the RRP is printed on the book, you will now be able to see at a glance how much you save by purchasing from BFS.

This feature shows up in the gallery menu,


the list menu


and on the product page


As you can see, for higher amounts, the savings only show whole £s.

This is being introduced across the store but it will take a while for all genres to be included.

PLEASE NOTE; The price comparison will not apply to stock in the Bargain Basement.


Latest Stock

Want to know what we’ve added since your last visit? It’s now easy to see what’s new in because it will automatically be updated on our home page.

To check out these changes or see what we have available, please click here to visit the BFS store.




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