~*~ It’s Competition Time ~*~

Have an exotic holiday romance * Battle for a distant planet * Solve a murder *

The choice is yours with our latest competition.  On offer is a £15 gift voucher to be spent on books of your choosing from booksfromsharon.com.

The voucher may be spent either as full payment for your selections, or taken as part payment against a larger purchase.

Spend it on yourself or give it to someone else.  Alternatively, tuck it away to use at a later date.

The gift voucher comes in a bright card with matching envelope, making it an attractive addition to a Christmas box.

To enter, just tell us what you are hoping to receive from Santa or how you intend to spend the Christmas break.


Terms & Conditions

1.      Answers must appear on the Facebook page (NOT THE BLOG) in order to be counted towards the prize draw.

2.      Regardless of the number of comments, each person will be entered once.

3.      Voucher must be used before 30 June 2017 and is only valid at Booksfromsharon.com

4.      Competition closes at 12 noon on Saturday 15th October 2016 and winner selected on same day.

5.      Winner will be messaged via Facebook and named on the FB page on the day of the draw and must provide details for dispatch of prize within 7 days.  If prize remains unclaimed after this time, a second draw will be made. 


April Competition

It’s here at last!  The April competition has finally arrived and is a little different to normal.

Due to my current workload, I have been a bit lazy and decided to let this month’s winner select their own prize….. (sort of).


The winner, who is randomly drawn from all entries, will be able to spend £10 on books from my shop.  This means that you could choose to spend the lot on a cookery book by a top London chef or purchase up to 20 books from the bargain basement.  It’s totally up to you.  Click here to visit the shop and see what’s available.


Over the past month, I have been busy listing my stock on a new site and have plans to upload to another in the near future.  The sites where I am either selling or plan to sell in the future are the following:

Amazon, ebay, ebid, cqout, Abe and Alibris

So where do you shop for books?  And why?  Which of the listed sites would you think of first when looking for a book?  Just leave a comment on our Facebook page that tells me a bit about your book buying habits.  Anyone who shares the post will receive a second entry into the prize draw.


Terms & Conditions

Prize can only be posted to a UK address.

To be entered into the draw, you must leave a comment on the Facebook page.

No cash or alternative prize is available.

Winner will be selected by random draw on Sunday 24 April and will be notified that day.

Prizes that are unclaimed after 7 days will be re-allocated.

The winner will be required to provide a delivery address where someone will be available to take receipt / provide signature.


March Competition

Welcome to the March competition.

This month the prize is three thrillers.


Bad Blood  by Mark Sennen

When the body of a six-year-old girl is found buried beneath a patio, nobody is surprised when a local paedophile is murdered shortly afterwards. But when a member of DI Charlotte Savage’s team is abducted and several men are executed in cold blood it becomes apparent that there’s a psychopath on the loose with no mercy for his victims …

It becomes clear that the killer isn’t selecting his victims at random and soon Savage is in a race against time to stop him. But what if this man has a message for Charlotte herself? One she won’t forget in a hurry. It’s payback time. Deadly payback time.

(more info……)

Fatal Voyage - RichsFatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs

A plane crashes high in the mountains of North Carolina.
But a severed foot is discovered a good distance from the main crash site…

Forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan is first on the scene. The task that confronts her is a sad and sickening one, and her investigation seems to be throwing up more questions than it answers.

But when Tempe makes a discovery that raises dangerous questions, her professional standing is threatened. Convinced that another corpse lies in the woods, Tempe pits herself against a conspiracy of silence, and uncovers a shocking tale of deceit and depravity…

(more info…..)

Carrier - Sophie Hannah

The Carrier by Sophie Hannah

An overnight plane delay is bad.
Having to share your hotel room with a stranger is worse.
But that is only the beginning of Gaby Struther’s problems.
Gaby has never met Lauren Cookson.

So how does Lauren know so much about her?
How does she know that the love of Gaby’s life has been accused of murder?
Why is she telling her that he is innocent?
And why is she so terrified of Gaby?

(more info…..)

To enter all you have to do is post a comment telling us which fictional detective or villain you would like to meet and why.  PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE.

Terms & Conditions

Your comment must be posted on the Books From Sharon Facebook page in order to qualify for the draw.

Competition closes at 12 noon on Sunday 27th March and the winner will be notified on the same day.  Please check your messages.  Prizes must be claimed by 12 noon on Sunday 3rd April.  Unclaimed prizes are redrawn.

No cash equivalent or alternative prize is available.

Prizes can only be posted to a UK address.





February Competition

Here it is folks!  Our February competition has arrived and it’s easy to enter.

For a chance to win a collection of grown up colouring books with pencils all you have to do is like this post and tell us what your favourite colour is.

The winner will be selected by random draw on Sunday 14th Feb at 12 noon.

For more colouring and design books, please visit booksfromsharon.co.uk and see our range.


Now the boring but important bit….  Terms & Conditions

You will only be entered into the draw if you have answered the question and liked the post on facebook

You will be notified on Sunday if you have won.  Please check your messages as prizes must be claimed within 7 days.  Prizes unclaimed after this time will be re-allocated.

Prizes can only be posted to a UK address.

There is no alternative prize available.

Whilst not a condition of the competition, we would be grateful if winners could post on our facebook page when they have received the prize.  It’s good to know that items have arrived safely.


Calling all fans of fantasy, sci-fi & comics

Look what we have for you in our latest competition………


Anomaly is an epic tale of deception, redemption, and unity set on a strange alien world and the longest original full-color graphic novel ever published. With lush illustrations, action-packed storytelling, and awe-inspiring interactive features, Anomaly is a must-have multimedia experience for science-fiction, fantasy, and comic book fans alike. Immerse yourself in this groundbreaking space opera via a 370-page hardcover book and companion augmented reality app or through a standalone tablet app complete with cinematic voice acting and sound.  (Description:  experienceanomoly.com )

Anomaly is set in the year 2717, a time when most humans live in off-world colonies, and a single corporation, The Conglomerate, routinely conquers other planets to steal their resources. The story follows a group of explorers who embark on a diplomatic mission to a mysterious planet, only to find themselves embroiled in a global conflict between its exotic inhabitants. In a world where nothing is as it seems, faced with lethal terrain, killer mutants and deadly magic, their mission turns deadly.

Brittenham and Haberlin worked with distinguished professors in philosophy, religion and science to develop Anomaly’s cultural landscape and planetary functions based on actual historical and scientific facts.

The hardcover book has been printed using a groundbreaking wide-gamut process that allows for more range of colour and detail than is available in conventional printing. It features illustrations that range from intimate, personal scenes to full cinematic double-page spreads.

Readers can download a free Anomaly app for iOS and Android equipped with Ultra Augmented Reality™ technology featuring more than 50 fully 3D models. Just point your iOS or Android device at the page of the hardcover book and the illustrations spring to life in 3D animation and interactivity.

The UAR features

  • over 50 fully interactive 3D models with sound and animation
  • over 100 pages of additional material detailing the Anomaly universe (including
  • dozens of original artworks created especially for the UAR app)The features require iPhone 4 or higher, iPod (4th Gen), iPad 2 or higher and Android based devices.

Please visit ExperienceAnomaly.com/UAR to see if your device is supported.

To enter our competition please visit the Books from Sharon facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BooksFromSharon .  Only entries on the fb page will be counted.

For more graphic novels from our shop, please follow this link.

Terms & conditions

As with all of our competitions, winners must claim their prize but sending a message with their postal address within 7 days of the draw.  So please check your messages.  Prizes unclaimed after this time will be void.

Prize can only be sent to a UK address.

No alternative prize is available and no cash award will be made.

A signature will be required at time of delivery.

Big Summer Book Quiz

Book quiz

Welcome to the big book quiz.

There are over 100 questions in various categories but how many do you know?

I suggest that you print off the quiz and, when finished, score as follows.

2 points for every question that you answered without help.

1 point if you ‘found’ the answer via internet search  (all the answers can be found on the Books From Sharon website by using the category headings to guide you).

There are 111 questions with a maximum possible score of 222 points.  When you have done as much as you can, post your score on the facebook page.  Please DO NOT post any of the answers.  At the end of June, I will randomly draw a winner from those who posted.  Good luck!

Men’s Fiction

  • Who’s honour did Bernard Cornwell write about?
  • And which monument did Cornwell use as the title for a book?
  • Can you name two books that are prequels of Treasure Island?


  • In the Turn of the Screw by Henry James, what are the names of the two children?
  • Name the book. First published in 1874, Thomas Hardy’s ‘pastoral tale’ of the wilful and capricious Bathseba Everdene, her three suitors and the tragic consequences of her eventual choice remains on of the most enduring and popular English novels.
  • Which classic horror character discovers how to breathe life into inanimate objects and, after collecting various body parts, sets out on a macabre construction exercise?
  • Name the horse in the book by Anna Sewell.

Crime and Thrillers

  • Which Chief Inspector is a central character in the crime novels by Peter Robinson?
  • Donna Leon based a series of novels in which country?
  • Who wrote the following: Wednesday’s Child, Gallows View and A Necessary End?
  • Crime writers Faye and Jonathan share what surname?
  • Complete the name of this author…. James Lee (who) ?
  • The protagonist that Patricia Cornwell is most known for?
  • Can you name two books by Lisa Jackson?
  • The Retribution by Val McDermid features Police Profiler Tony Hill. In the TV series based on her books, who plays Tony Hill?
  • Who wrote about the following character? ‘Kate Shugak is a native Aleut working as a private investigator in Alaska. She is 5 foot 1 inch tall, carries a scar that runs from ear to ear and owns a half-wolf,half-husky dog named Mutt.’
  • Andrew Gross co-wrote several novels with which other crime author?
  • Who wrote about Culver Valley?
  • Who wrote about this? ‘Afraid of spiders….? You should be. Creepy crawlies take on a whole new meaning for the working girls of Sandy Springs when a client comes to the red light district looking for something different. He wants girls to let his pet spiders walk all over them. Seems a strange but simple request – but not all the girls come back.’
  • Stella Darnell is whose daughter?
  • Peter May’s Lewis Trilogy begins with which book?
  • We all saw Ian McShane as TV’s Lovejoy, but who wrote the books?
  • Which detective experienced Peril at End House?
  • Who wrote about the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple?
  • In the books by Bernard Knight, who is Sir John de Wolfe?
  • Paul Lawrence wrote of the ‘Sweet Smell of….. (what)?

Fantasy & Sci-Fi

  • Complete the title of the book by Douglas Adams. ‘The Long Dark…. (what)?
  • Which Jennifer wrote about the American Vampire?
  • What links David Tennant and Colin Baker?
  • Who wrote the Dragonmaster series?
  • Merry Gentry is heir to the throne of where?
  • Can you name book 1 of the Elita series by Kate Jacoby?
  • Cartomancy is a collection of stories by which author?
  • Who are the seafaring folk in Jude Fisher’s Sorcery Rising?
  • Which Bernard Werber novel will give you a feeling of formication?

Historical Fiction

  • In the book by Jeanne Kalogridis, who is The Devil’s Queen?
  • Known for her Tudor novels, who wrote The Other Boleyn Girl?
  • And who is Jean Plaidy’s Madame Serpent?
  • The Pure Land by Alan Spence is based in which country?
  • Patty Clare is whose wife?
  • Rosemary Hawley Jarman illuminated a crown with what?
  • In Clare Colvin’s novel, who wanted a Great Hall of Mirrors?
  • Can you name the author of Empress Orchid?
  • Brightest Day, Darkest Night by Brendan Graham is set against which war?
  • Who links a Scottish detective with a School for Manners?
  • In the novel by Nicola Cornick, there were how many wicked sins?
  • Who told the Secrets of the Tudor Court?
  • Eleanor de Jong wrote of which biblical woman?

Other Fiction

  • Complete the title. Documents Concerning Rubashov the…. (what)?
  • In The Heaven of Mercury by Brad Watson, what is Mercury?
  • A classic tale of treason, treachery and treasure told completely in verse. Can you name it?
  • In the novel The Archivist’s Story by Travis Holland, who decides to save the works of Isaac Babel?
  • Khaled Hosseini wrote a moving novel about 10 year old Abdullah and his sister. The novel is based in Afghanistan. Can you name it?

Women’s Fiction & Sagas – 1850-1950s

  • Mary Jane Staples wrote about what sort of queen?
  • Who is Maddie March in the book by Margaret Dickinson?
  • Used as the title of a book by Anna King, can you complete the phrase? Fur Coat, No ….. (what)?
  • What colour is Jessica Sterling’s Shamrock?
  • Lilian Harry wrote about a girl who was named after a day of the week. Who was she?
  • Maureen Lee left which city?…….
  • …. And she is the queen of where?
  • What was the nationality of Peter Ho Davies’ girl?
  • Dawsey Adams is a member of what society?

Women’s Fiction & Sagas – Modern

  • This author wrote about Cedar Cove and the book titles were addresses. Who is she?
  • Fiona Walker had her tongue where?
  • Patricia Gaffney said ‘goodbye’ to what?
  • Anna Maxted did what in heels?
  • Kate Thompson is getting up to what?
  • Can you name the author of Celebrity Bride?
  • Barbara Delinsky’s protagonist is Flirting With…. (who)?
  • What don’t divas do?
  • In the novel by Jenny Colgan, Gwyneth Morgan is doing what?
  • The author sister of Joan Collins who wrote married Lovers. Who is she?
  • Sophie Kinsella also writes under what name?
  • Can you name the author of I Heart Paris, I Heart New York and I Heart Hollywood?
  • Shirley Conran’s best selling novel that begins “Which one of you bitches is my mother?” Can you name it?
  • Trisha Ashley has shoes made of what?
  • In the books by Cathy Woodman, Maz Harwood has what profession?
  • Carmen Reid tells us How Not to ….. (what)?
  • What is a Manny?

Women’s Fiction & Sagas – Other

  • Who wrote about a Cottage by the Sea?
  • Jane james is a Vision of ……. (what)?
  • Who wrote about the Little Village School?
  • Which TV gardener wrote Love & Dr Devon?
  • D C Kogan is between Here and…. (where)?
  • Who connects Maggie’s Tree and the film version of Buster?
  • And who connected an Act of Oblivion with A Promise?
  • Who risks the Consequences of Love in Saudi Arabia?
  • Can you name the village in the books of Rebecca Shaw?


  • Who’s biography is called From the Heart?
  • Who is Making Waves?
  • And who is Finding My Voice?
  • In the biography by Andrew Norman, who is described as Teacher, Revolutionary, Tyrant?
  • Who is Codename Renegade?
  • Adam McQueen called his biography of who, King of Sunlight? (Think about it, you can work this out)


  • Can you complete the title? Adventures of a Wimpy…. (what)?
  • Who links Cloud Forests and a War Horse?
  • Frank Cottrell Boyce wrote a sequel to a famous novel by Ian Fleming. Can you name the original book?
  • Which series of spooky books for children was written by R L Stine?
  • Which adult crime thriller writer wrote Seizure?
  • What is the name of June Councel’s alien?
  • What did Claire Freedman put in the sandwiches?
  • Max Velthuijs wrote a series of books to help children explore and understand their emotions. Who or what was his central character?
  • According to Valerie Thomas, Winnie is a ….. (what)?
  • Anansi is a Clever….. (what)?
  • Who is the author of Squash the Spider?
  • Who links the Gruffalo with Rosie’s Hat?
  • Jane Yolen asked how this creature does things. What creature?
  • Ian Whybrown writes about Harry and His …… (what)?
  • Can you name the patchwork elephant?
  • Can you name both the author and the illustrator of Guess How Much I Love You?
The boring bit – terms & conditions

Have fun doing the quiz.  When you have finished, calculate your score and post it on the facebook page (please do not post answers).  A winner will be randomly selected from all the posts regardless of score.  You have the same chance of winning whether you score 1 point or 100.  The winner will be asked to select 5 books from our shop.  There will also be 5 runners up who may each select 1 book.

Competition prizes can only be sent to a UK address.  No cash alternative is available.  Prizes that are unclaimed after 30 days will be deemed void.  Please note that if you post on a ‘share’ I may not be able to see it.  To be sure that your entry is noted, please post directly on the Books From Sharon facebook page which can be found HERE.

Colouring Giveaway


Colouring for grown ups seems to be a popular topic on Facebook so I thought you might like to win something to colour.

1st prize is an ‘Out of This World’ colouring book and there will be 5 runners up, each receiving a wildlife colouring poster.

To enter, simply leave a comment on the Books From Sharon Facebook page saying something about why you would like to win this.

For more colouring items, click HERE

Terms & Conditions

Comment must be on the Books From Sharon Facebook page.  Comments made elsewhere, for example, on a shared post may not be seen by me and therefore cannot be added to the draw.

Winner will be selected by random draw on Wednesday 22nd April at 12 noon.

No alternative prize is available.

Winners must supply the name and address that prize is to go to within 7 days of competition end.

Prizes can only be dispatched to a UK address.