Not For Those of a Nervous Disposition

The Tale of Brin & Bent and Minno Marylebone  by Ravi Thornton

Brin and Bent.jpgYou need a strong constitution for this one……

Brin and Bent are pool keepers at The House for the Grossly Infirm. Their days are spent abusing the House residents with bleach and chlorine, spying on them through holes they have drilled in the walls. They do not know that someone else comes to the pool at night: Minno Marylebone, a child like no other.

Pure and beautiful, every night the child enters the water and becomes celestial, laughing and riding the currents as the pool turns into a sea. Then one night Brin and Bent find the wax that has spilled from Minno’s candle and decide to lie in wait…

With this dark yet achingly beautiful tale, Ravi Thornton takes British graphic novels to a new level. The combination of her deft and masterful writing with the stunning artwork of Andy Hixon creates and an extraordinarily powerful and disturbing experience.


This has been a very popular title in the past and I managed to secure a few more copies but stock is limited.

Brin & Bent is available HERE for a very keenly priced £7.99 (inc. UK postage).  RRP £15.99




The Corpse Wore Pasties

What an amazing title for a book!

This is one of a number of titles added to the shop from the Hard Core Crime series. They cover many writing styles and themes and included in this new selection are the following;

SONY DSCThe Corpse Wore Pasties by Jonny Porkpie

Usually, when you call a burlesque act a ‘show stopper’, you don’t mean it quite so literally. But this time, that’s just what happened: The show stopped dead, and so did the girl. And as I looked at her nearly naked and completely lifeless body and the bottle of poison in her hand with my fingerprints all over it, I thought to myself: Porkpie, you’re in for it this time…   (More details)


There has never been a book like The Twenty Year Death:  a breath taking first novel written in the form of three separate crime novels that can be read in any order, each set in a different decade and penned in the style of a different giant of the mystery genre. (More details)


SONY DSCThe Confession by Domenic Stansberry

Jake Danser has it all: a beautiful wife, a house in the California hills, a high-profile job as a forensic psychologist. But he’s also got a mistress. And when Jake s mistress is found strangled to death with his necktie, it s up to him to prove he didn’t do it. With every step, the noose is tightening, and all of Jake s resourcefulness may not be enough to save him…  (More details)



Honey in His Mouth  by Lester Dent

What would you do if you were a dead ringer for a dictator? If you were small-time grifter Walter Harsh you’d listen to a deal that could net you a cool $50,000 for impersonating him. You’d pay attention when the dictator’s sultry mistress started putting the moves on you. And you might just hatch a plot to get it all for yourself: the money, the girl, and the stolen loot … (More details)



Fifty-to-One  by Charles Ardai

What if Hard Case Crime had been founded 50 years ago, by a rascal out to make a quick buck? Such a fellow might make a few enemies especially after publishing a supposed non-fiction account of a heist at a Mob-run nightclub, actually penned by an 18-year-old showgirl. Our heroes are about to learn that reading and writing pulp novels is a lot more fun than living them…  (More details)



The Valley of Fear  by A C Doyle

Years ago, a PI out of Chicago brought justice to a dirty town. Now he’s going to pay……

A sawed-off shotgun blast to the face leaves one man dead –and reveals a secret that has pursued him across an ocean and set the world’s most ruthless criminal on his trail. The man need the help of a great detective … but could even Sherlock Holmes save him now?  (More details)



The Peddler  by Richard S Prather

In the cutthroat world of organized crime, Tony Romero was headed straight for the top. His territory: the brothels of San Francisco. But on the way to the top, he d leave a path littered with bodies and broken dreams some of them his…  (More details)


Primary Science

Primary Science is a great new addition to our education category for KS1 & KS2 Science (5-11 year olds) and although designed for the schools market, it is very suitable for home education.

The materials come in two formats;  CD ROM and folded cards.


Scholastic Primary Science is a course of science topics for children in years 1-6.

Suitable for both whole school and individual learning, the CD ROM provides 5 interactive lessons in a particular field of science. Fundamental science concepts are delivered in suitable language.

Interactive tests, games and tasks make learning fun and engaging.

Film clips, animations, audio and more enhance the learning experience.


The cards are an excellent accompaniment to the CD ROM and when used together, the cards have symbols that indicate where relevant material is provided on the disc.  They are also a very good stand alone resource.

Each card is a 4 sided, folded card (front cover/inner double page/back page).

The inner spread gives basic, age appropriate, facts about the topic with key scientific words printed in bold. There are a number of ‘THINK’ boxes which pose relevant questions for the child to consider.

The back page provides an activity in the form of suggested research, an experiment or other activity. Key words are provided for use when researching the subject.

Cards are available in packs of 30 (6 each of 5 topics) for class based work or as individual sets of 5 cards (1 each of 5 topics).

For home learning, the cards are an inspiring way to launch a new project or area of study as they promote research and ideas.

Our initial stock consists of;

It’s Alive (Year 1)  The 5 lessons are Living Things * Plants * Animals * Life & Learning * Sharing Our World.

Earth Watch (Year 1) Inc. Watch the Weather * Changing Seasons * Spring & Summer * Autumn & Winter * Day & Night

Sound & Light (Year 4) Inc. Energy Travels * Light & Sound * Light Energy * Sound Energy * Our Environment

Healthy Habitats (Year 4) Inc. A Home for All * Sharing Space * Time to Eat * Super Survivors * Human Touch

Conserve & Preserve (Year 5) Inc. An Energy Environment * Energy in Action * Everlasting Energy * Energy Alert * Fuelling the Future

In addition to these, I will be adding the following during the coming week;

Move It (Year 2) – Matter, Matter Everywhere (Year 2) – Build It Up (Year 3) – Down Under (Year 3) – Watch It Grow (Year 3) – Rockhound (Year 4) – Body Works (Year 5) – Force Factor (Year 5) – Out of this World (Year 6) – The Sky’s the Limit (Year 6) – Turn It On (Year 6) – Variety of Life (Year 6)

The Books From Sharon prices are
CD ROM  (RRP £25) Our Price £7.50
Class pack of 30 cards Our Price £7.50
Individual pack of 5 cards Our Price £1.50
Small order p&p charge applies.





New Year & New Stock

During the Christmas break, I have been adding a wide variety of new stock to the website.  As well as books, we have begun to expand the stationery and other printed products.  Cupcake cases, birth announcement kits, eco-friendly notecards and more are now available at our heavily discounted prices.

Here are a few examples that are currently available at Books From Sharon


Start Your Next Adventure Here

For all you fans of science fiction and fantasy novels, we have a number of 1st in series books to get you off on a new adventure.

Check out these and more at  Books From Sharon

 RRP £6.99  Our Price - £2.50  Save 64%

RRP £6.99
Our Price – £2.50
Save 64%

RRP £14.99  Our Price - £3.50  Save 76%

RRP £14.99
Our Price – £3.50
Save 76%

 RRP £7.99  Our Price - £2.50  Save 68%

RRP £7.99
Our Price – £2.50
Save 68%

 RRP £5.99  Our Price - £1.00  Save 83%

RRP £5.99
Our Price – £1.00
Save 83%

 RRP £6.99  Our Price - £1.50  Save 78%

RRP £6.99
Our Price – £1.50
Save 78%

 RRP £6.99  Our Price - £1.50  Save 78%

RRP £6.99
Our Price – £1.50
Save 78%

 RRP £17.99  Our Price - £5.00  Save 72%

RRP £17.99
Our Price – £5.00
Save 72%

 RRP £12.99  Our Price - £3.50  Save 73%

RRP £12.99
Our Price – £3.50
Save 73%

 RRP £9.99  Our Price - £2.00  Save 80%

RRP £9.99
Our Price – £2.00
Save 80%

 RRP £7.99  Our Price - £2.50  Save 68%

RRP £7.99
Our Price – £2.50
Save 68%

 RRP £6.99  Our Price - £1.00  Save 85%

RRP £6.99
Our Price – £1.00
Save 85%

 RRP £7.99  Our Price - £1.50 Save 81%

RRP £7.99
Our Price – £1.50
Save 81%

The King of Sunlight


William Hesketh Lever – soap-boiler, social reformer, MP, tribal chieftain, multi-millionaire and Lord of the Western Isles – was one of the most extraordinary men ever to leave his mark on Britain. Beliefs far ahead of their times – the welfare state, votes for women, workers’ rights – jostled in his mind with ideas that were fantastically bonkers – the world’s problems could be solved by moving populations from country to country, ballroom dancing could save the soul and the only healthy way to sleep was outdoors in the wind and the rain.

Adam Macqueen traces Lever’s footsteps from his humble Bolton boyhood to a business empire that straddled the world, visiting the homes and model towns from the Mersey to the Congo that still bear the mark – and often the name – of William Lever. It is a hilarious and touching journey that shines a spotlight on a world and a set of beliefs long gone, and asks several vital questions: where does philanthropy stop and social engineering begin? Is it right for an employer to dictate how his workers spend their weekends and hire private detectives to make sure they are doing it properly? Are the length of a lawn and the curve of a banister of vital importance to the great scheme of things? And why would a multi-millionaire with half a dozen homes and property on four continents chose to sleep on the roof?

RRP £7.99  Available from us for £2.50   Click HERE for details.

Party Time

Wild Faces – Animal Face Painting


With summer just around the corner and children’s parties in the planning, why not try some face painting with your little ones?

This title contains photographs and instructions for more than 40 fantastic animal faces and even includes information about suitable accessories, such as feathers.

Wild Faces has an RRP of £5.99  but is available from us for just £2.50 (+ small order p&p charge)

For further details visit Books From Sharon’s Children’s Activity & Craft section