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Check Out The Changes


My daughter and I have been working very hard to make some site updates over the past few weeks and I can now reveal the three big changes.


First….. Following the survey conducted in the New Year, the BFS site is now populated with stock phots and I must admit that it looks better. Thank you to everyone who contributed.


Second…… The Bargain Basement books now have a more specific description, as follows;

Condition – Unread/shop damaged.
External shop damage or age wear.
Unbroken spine
Clean, undamaged reading surfaces
No missing or loose pages
Generally tidy appearance.


Third….. We sell a wide range of material including erotic fiction and relationship non-fiction but it is important that we do not cause offence and that we are considerate of people who may browse the site in the company of their children.  To this end, any book that has an explicit cover picture will now appear in the search results with a plane red, text only image.  Full book details will still be available within the listing but the adult nature of the book will be clear.


I wish to finish by saying a big  THANK YOU to my daughter for all her hard work on the site and to my son for his invaluable support and patient lessons in how to use Adobe and other software to make my life easier.  I couldn’t do this without them.

So now I am ready for the new stock that is arriving tomorrow.

To view the changes and see what is currently available in stock, just click …..HERE…… to visit the shop.

A Different Approach

Well 2017 has begun and the New Year resolutions are already out of the window!  But I have had to make some decisions regarding Books From Sharon and how I move forward.

During the run up to Christmas, I struggled to keep pace and whilst this is not a complaint, it made me realise that I do have to find a way to lighten the workload.  Discussions with my daughter highlighted areas where I could make substantial time savings, the key one being photographs.  Up until now I have photographed all incoming stock and spent time editing to create an acceptable picture.  (example below).

SONY DSCAs someone who would not purchase from a listing with a stock photo, except when buying from large, well known companies, I assumed that my potential customers would be the same.  To this end, I spent a large amount of time editing pictures, which is fine when a book has a distinctive coloured cover but is a real chore when the cover is white.  This meant that the quality of the edited pictures was inconsistent.  I tried various techniques including coloured background, light box and more but still with poor results.

My daughter, Victoria, suggested that I use stock photos.  Shock, horror!  Stock photos?!  She conducted a quick poll via her Facebook account and to my surprise, the result was unanimously in favour of stock pictures.

As a result I am making 3 changes to the way BFS works.

  1.  In most cases the items will be listed with stock pics.
  2. Victoria is now a named user on my website hosting package and is doing some of the work for me from her home.
  3. Where B/B items are listed, the  generic description given in the terms & conditions will now be added to the item page and will read as follows:


Condition – Unread / Shop damaged

All Bargain Basement stock will have shop wear or age damage.  This includes, but is not limited to, tanned edges, knocks & bumps and other external damage.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all Bargain Basement items will have;

  • Unbroken spine
  • Clean, undamaged reading surfaces
  • No missing or loose pages
  • Generally tidy appearance.

Of course, it will take a while for these changes to take effect but they are already filtering through and I hope that you will like the result.

February Competition

Here it is folks!  Our February competition has arrived and it’s easy to enter.

For a chance to win a collection of grown up colouring books with pencils all you have to do is like this post and tell us what your favourite colour is.

The winner will be selected by random draw on Sunday 14th Feb at 12 noon.

For more colouring and design books, please visit and see our range.


Now the boring but important bit….  Terms & Conditions

You will only be entered into the draw if you have answered the question and liked the post on facebook

You will be notified on Sunday if you have won.  Please check your messages as prizes must be claimed within 7 days.  Prizes unclaimed after this time will be re-allocated.

Prizes can only be posted to a UK address.

There is no alternative prize available.

Whilst not a condition of the competition, we would be grateful if winners could post on our facebook page when they have received the prize.  It’s good to know that items have arrived safely.



Wyn Rendall

Congratulations to Wyn Rendall and thank you to everyone who entered our January competition.



This lovely selection of picture books will be on their way to our winner.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be a winner this time, keep a look out for our February competition or visit us at to pick up great children’s books at fantastic prices.






Understanding ASD / Asperger’s Syndrome

Autism AwarenessAutism is a neurological development disorder that triggers a series of behavioural maladies such as impairment in social skills, impairment in language learning and communication abilities.

People with ASD often like to withdraw into solitude and dislike or are indifferent to affectionate gestures such as touching and hugging.

The spectrum of autism is of two kinds namely low functioning and high functioning autism. In a low functioning category the afflicted person will have difficulty in speech and communication and they also will lack in self-caring abilities.

In the case of high functioning autism, the afflicted person may have a high IQ and be adept at taking care of themselves.

People with Asberger’s are often viewed as ‘normal’ but with some odd behaviours.

The following can help to identify a person with high functioning Asperger’s:

  1. Impaired social skills. Adaptive rather than social (doing what is expected rather than what comes naturally)
  2. Despite difficulty with social skills there may be no gaps in language skills (they could talk the hind legs off a donkey)
  3. Shows interest in a few, special areas and will engage in uninterruptible monologue on such interested topics (minecraft, for example)
  4. The poor grasp of non-verbal communication can mean that there is a tendency to take the spoken word literally
  5. During times of sensory overload, there can be an inability to concentrate resulting in frustration.

Of course, this is a snapshot and no-one fits nicely and conveniently into a particular box but a little understanding of the condition can make all the difference.